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- 9/11/2014
The contents of our produce boxes slightly change weekly. Check out the updates for September 15 -19 and the addition of a Crock-Pot® Lovers box on your order change page. Your order must be placed two days before your delivery date.
Source: Longmont (Longmont News)

- 9/3/2014
You’re out on a date and learning about each other. How do you know if you should share that you have a chronic illness? Lori Hartwell, Renal Support Network Founder and Host of KidneyTalk! has an honest, open conversation with 20-something-year-old Joanna Galeas about the journey to self-acceptance.
Source: Renal Support Network (Renal Support Network News)

- 9/2/2014
Dating and learning how to deal with body image issues, rejection and acceptance, and intimacy is all part of growing up. But if you have medical issues that are visible, you may have more reservations and be less likely to give yourself a chance. Joanna Galeas chats with Lori about her decision making process when it came to choosing a dialysis method and when and how to tell someone she is dating. Listen to this honest and open conversation about accepting yourself. Warning: moderate sexual content.
Source: Renal Support Network (KidneyTalk – An Online Radio Show By Renal Support Network)

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