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- 11/22/2014
An article about Duck Stamps and Wildlife Art from San Bernardino County Museum (San Bernardino County Museum News).
Source: San Bernardino County Museum (San Bernardino County Museum News)

- 11/20/2014
Remember that Longmont Dairy makes deliveries on all holidays. If you have a Thursday delivery, it will arrive as usual next Thursday on Thanksgiving. If you will be out of town, please use our online order page to place a hold on your order or call our office at 303-776-8466 and we will be happy to help you. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!!
Source: Longmont (Longmont News)

- 11/19/2014
Don't miss out on your chance to try this amazing specialty cheese that had our taste testers saying, "Wow!"
Source: Longmont (Longmont News)

- 11/18/2014
At the end of 2014, the criteria used for kidney allocation is changing. This has many people on the waiting list for a kidney transplant concerned and Renal Support Network (RSN) has been listening intently to the discussions surrounding the changes. RSN’s founder Lori Hartwell, recipient of four kidneys herself, went to the source for answers and interviewed Dr. Richard Formica, OPTN/UNOS Kidney Transplantation Committee Chair.
Source: Renal Support Network (Renal Support Network News)

- 11/17/2014
Add a dollop of Pumpkin Spiced Whipped Cream to your morning coffee or favorite dessert for a taste of the season.
Source: Longmont (Longmont News)

- 11/13/2014
Glendale, CA (November 13, 2014) –Actor/Comedian Jack Black showed up in full cowboy style, with dark sunglasses, ready to take the house down at Renal Support Network’s 5th Annual “Beat the Odds” Celebrity Charity Texas Hold-em Poker Tournament, Saturday, November 8, 2014, at the Glendale Civic Auditorium in Glendale, CA. At the end of the evening, the top three winners were Matt Cauble (first place), Rick Foster (second place) and Harvey Wells (third place). All of the winners have a direct connection to someone who has chronic kidney disease, but Harvey has a successful kidney transplant and is a living example that people with kidney disease can beat the odds.
Source: Renal Support Network (Renal Support Network News)

- 11/4/2014
We spend large amounts of time on the road, some of it just sitting in traffic. If you’re stuck in a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam, you can’t help but stare at the bumper – and license! – of the car in front of you. Yes, here is your chance to make a difference with personalized license plates. You give others in a traffic jam or a parking lot something to look at and something to think about. At the same time, you spread awareness about the important message of organ donation registration. Charlene Zettel, CEO of Donate Life California, explains how easy it is to drive and support organ donation at the same time. You can visit donatelifeplate.org and order special plates with the message of Donate Life.
Source: Renal Support Network (KidneyTalk – An Online Radio Show By Renal Support Network)

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