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2/8/2024 - Expressions of Joy

Joy Araujo, a source of inspiration for her peers, has won the RSN annual essay contest on multiple occasions. Through her heartfelt and insightful essays, Joy has touched the hearts of readers, sharing her life experiences and imparting wisdom as only she can. Lori, too, has faced her own set of challenges growing up with kidney disease. Together, these seasoned warriors offer insights on how they have conquered kidney disease, how writing helps cope with emotions and the opportunity to gain valuable insights from these talented storytellers. Don’t miss out on this exciting dialogue.

Podcast Link: https://rsn-file-storage.us-southeast-1.linodeobjects.com/Kidney%20Talk_10.04.23_Joy%20Araujo_Final.mp3
Website Link: https://www.rsnhope.org/kidneytalk/expressions-of-joy/
Source: Renal Support Network (KidneyTalk - An Online Radio Show By Renal Support Network)

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