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2/9/2022 - Kidney Transplant Before and After: Staying listed and keeping your gift of life healthy

When you have kidney disease people who stay ahead of the game do the best. At any given time, close to 40 percent of people on the UNOS kidney transplant list are inactive. Lori and Lazaro Cherem, MD, discuss why patients become inactive and what you need to do to make sure your status is current, so you do not miss a kidney offer. A kidney transplant is not a cure and requires ongoing monitoring to ensure the kidneys health, so you never have to end up back on the transplant list. Listen to a robust conversation about the advanced testing options that are now available, and what direction doctors need to look at to avoid potential problems that may jeopardize your future health.

Podcast Link: http://www.netfilehost.com/kidneytalk/Kidney%20Talk_01.27.22_Dr.%20Cherem_Final.mp3
Website Link: https://www.rsnhope.org/kidneytalk/kidney-transplant-before-and-after-staying-listed-and-keeping-your-gift-of-life-healthy/
Source: Renal Support Network (KidneyTalk - An Online Radio Show By Renal Support Network)

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