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11/1/2017 - KidneyWorks A Job Retention Program for People with Chronic Kidney Disease

Lori talks to Paul Conway, AAKP President and Richard Knight, AAKP VP Chair of public policy about KidneyWorks™. They share insight on how they have dealt with work, sought employment and managed their kidney disease. For the 53% of people with chronic kidney disease who are working-age, keeping a job helps ensure access to preventive care they need to delay or avoid kidney failure and remain active, productive, taxpaying citizens. Paul and Richard explain the program and how it aims to arm patients early in the disease diagnosis with the tools that they need to stay involved, retain their sense of purpose and sustain their financial income. Listen in and hear about this new program's vision and goals.

Podcast Link: http://www.netfilehost.com/kidneytalk/Paul_Conway_Richard_Knight_128Kbps.mp3
Website Link: http://www.rsnhope.org/kidneytalk/kidneyworks-a-job-retention-program-for-people-with-chronic-kidney-disease-web-id-3000/
Source: Renal Support Network (KidneyTalk - An Online Radio Show By Renal Support Network)

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